Monday, March 31, 2014

First day pooja devoted to Devi Shailputri, daughter of Himalaya. Himalaya putri simply means who is as strong as a mountain. Mother who doesn't loose her temper and never give up even in worst circumstances is shailputri, a symbol of shakti. Evey mother is a shailputri when it comes to their family and their children. I offer my prayers to Maa shailputri!!! May she gives me strength to be as strong as Himalaya even at the worst circumstance. Blessed to practice first day yajan with live Devi at my home :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Acharya Pratishtha Performs at ASEAN 2014 "Association of south east Asian Nations"

A proud performance! Kathak performance at ASEAN - Association of south east Asian nations.
its a matter of proud to represent your Nation and dance infront of National flags.
Thanx to ishvar and my gurujans.
Dance for nation. Om

Acharya Pratishtha Authored a bilingual book on Kathak published by Embassy of India. "Essential Elements of Kathak"

H.E Ambassador Gurjeet Singh and Mrs. Neeru Singh and Acharya Pratishtha

Acharya Pratishtha at Thousand Islands

Acharya Pratishtha at Thousand Islands. Love for nature.

Saagar ki lehron me, pedon ke Patton me, vaayu ke pravaah me... Sab or nriya hi nritya hai. Om- Acharya Pratishtha

Maa har roop me sundar- Maa! Devi maa! Gau (cow) maa! Prakriti maa! A beautiful Island Visit!! samudra ki apaar kripa jo ek dweep se dusre fir teesre tak jaane ki anumati di. Om

At bliss!