Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sita is going to a temple with her frens and there she had the first encounter with Raam, First time when Raam saw sita and sita saw Raam. Raam was speechless to see her he wanted to tell laxman about the beauty of sita but... couldnt... On the onther side Sita saw Raam... felt shy and then could not even blink her eyes... was continously gazing at Raam when her frens tried to call her back... but us Raam ko pana hi to jeevan ka lakshya hai... Seeta went back Physically but her heart was there with Raam only... to watch this live click on to this link
In Tretayug Meharishi Valmiki wrote Ramayaan & Bharat muni wrote Natya Shastra...
Kathak...Katha Kahe so katha kahave... began with LUV KUSH hence in the beginning this dance form was called KUSHILUV, when luv kush went to Raam and narrated the story of Sita... that was the first ever Kathak... but unfortunately these days structure of kathak has been changed... Pratishtha takes you back to treta yug... and provides a glimpse pf the reat traditional kathak... Raam & Sita

Religion or spirituality?

What is religion? how to be religious? wanna be religious or spiritual? wanna be a worshipper or follower? For details check this link...

With H.E.Apj Abul Kalam

sabse khatarnaak hota hai... hamare sapnon ka mar jana.... DREAM... take a step forward to make ur dream come true...

A journey from DANCE to TRANCE

This is a journey from Dance to Trance.... dance is the biggest gift to humanity.... it joins the personal soul to universal ...

Friday, July 25, 2008

“I loved travelling, I loved journey, and I always wanted to know about the space, the world around me… when I danced with my heart for the first time…. I had a journey within myself where I come to know about the world inside me….that was the most divine experience and from that day this journey is my life”

“I’ve lived many lives in one life time , I’ve lived many characters in one birth… am not at all only Pratishtha, sometimes am Radha sometimes am Krishna, sometimes am Rama and sometimes am Sita”

Well....I... is the quite tough to understant sometimes this I is the biggest friend and some times this I is the biggest enemy.

“Nobody is a born star…they are made!” its true, absolutely true but still few things are inherited by birth… and few….. from previous birth…sounds odd?

why different people have different interests? May be because of the Jens inherited from the parents.

But in many cases 2 doctors who have never even thought of painting give birth to a painter, now this art of painting is something which this child has inherited from the previous birth.

Yoga is something which I’ve inherited from birth and dance is what I’ve inherited from previous birth.

Dance is present in all humans… consciously or unconsciously. Some people say they can’t dance but trust me they dance often that’s another thing they don’t know that they r dancing.

Dance was invented through ananda… happiness, when man was happy for the first time, he danced and this happiness of his invented DANCE. Hence, each and every human being dances whenever he is happy… whether physically or mentally

Meditation is a part of yoga; dance is a kind of meditation.

During meditation one is detached from the entire world, while meditating you are not a father not a sister not a wife not a son… you are just a soul…a divine soul.

While dancing too one is detached from the entire world and you become just a soul with no work load, no tension, no worry nothing … just divine bliss.

Yoga relaxes your mind and takes you beyond the thoughts.Dance relaxes your mind and takes you to another world… world of dreams and then a stage comes when no world is there, no thought is left and mind goes to shunya… stage of no thought

YOGA joins your personnel soul to the universal, DANCE joins personnel soul to the universal. ‘I’ is nothing in presence of these two.This is YOGA, DANCE & I.